in session with art.

This post is a little too late, I apologize.

Being a small town boy I have come quite far from where I started as a student and professional; key to that is nothing but constant learning, open minded approach and go getter nature. Not everything I know is taught in art schools. I can say that because i studied in three of them.

What one may learn in the art school and what needs to survive as an artist are two different learnings. Realisation of that after ending formal studies can be nerve-wracking. Remedy for this is to fill in the gaps by providing an interaction platform for students and professionals. S.M.R.K Women’s Collage of Fine Arts, Gokhale Education Society understands and invests conscious efforts toward it.

I was asked to volunteer and conduct a session with students to discuss ‘Tools to Promote Themselves Online and the Mindset to Survive in the Arena of Creativity’. This session was featured by a newspaper in India. The brilliant ideas and the passion to perceive those is remarkable in students today, all they need is a finger to hold on to until they discover their own strength.

I sincerely thank the correspondent (Saee Kawale), the paper (Divya Marathi) for the coverage. I Also would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Bharati Hingne and HOD Sandhya Kelkar for the honour.

Unfortunately, the news is in my native language (Marathi) and probably only a few can read/understand.


S.M.R.K Women’s collage of Fine arts, Gokhale Education Society is one of the pioneering institution in the North Maharashtra for women education with the mission “Empowerment of Women Through Quality Education.” Our institute imparts Quality Education & Training in Arts, Fine Arts, Commerce, Home Science, Science, Management & Vocational under One Roof.


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  1. Hi Nilesh,, How are you ? Nice to see you in news.. or Vakai pad kar accha laga .. tumhare thoughts bahut gud or bahut relevant hai.. Bahut accha laga pad kar.. If you are still in Nashik.. pls call me once 9975614266.

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