graphic design

Graphic Art has been around since the birth of man itself as a medium of communication, in form of cave-paintings and drawings by primitive people; much before the evolution of language, writing and other communication methods in human history. We see it in our culture, symbolism, religious texts and at the very foundation of our civilisations.

Once a lost form of art, it has regained its reputation over the last century or so as “Communication Design” or “Graphic Design”.

Industrialisation and increasing competition in a limited market space – brands and companies are now at a race to build a loyal consumer base and retain them to grow and preserve their businesses.

This has created a new industry of Graphic Designing, and Graphic Designers are now designated as the custodians of this art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content in line with the brand, providing consumers an experience that can be felt instantly or over a period of time.

Brand identity has now become the root of all product and services.

Commercial or institutional branding – such as a business card, signage, logo, posters or an advertisement; editorial or product design for mobile and web platforms; books and magazine covers/content, exhibition catalogues, flyers, campaign material, everything&+ now requires Graphic Designing; and this is what I offer.

Over the past couple of years, I have assisted many companies and businesses to launch and recreate their brand, enabling them to better communicate and serve their customers.

Due to privacy and confidentiality of my clients, I’ve only listed a limited collection of my work below.

If you are interested in contracting me for freelance work or consulting, please use the contact form to make an enquiry. 

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