The question I commonly get asked as an illustrator is the difference between illustration and graphic designing. It’s quite a difficult question to answer since both of these are a form of art with a very thin line differentiating the two.

I personally feel that illustration is an art of making images work without stealing the attention of the viewer from the main objective (let’s say – a story book, maybe a greeting card or a magazine cover); and when done correctly, an illustration actually adds a personality or a character to the production without competing with the main agenda and without needing any direct attention from the viewer.

Graphic designing on the other hand is an attention seeker; it is an art of creating an image that attracts direct attention – and then uses the attention to deliver a specific, concise and deliberate message to the viewer.

And to answer the question; illustrations are more subjective, while graphic designs are more objective.

I use the same tools for both illustrations and graphic design, only the application of the tools varies between the two; some of my selected illustration works can be found below.

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manual & digital




other experimental work



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